Creating Market Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs

One Earth Future’s Shuraako program empowers women entrepreneurs in the Somali region by providing affordable access to finance and tailored advisory support.

As a program of the One Earth Future Foundation, Shuraako believes that women play a vital role in sustaining a more peaceful world. Despite the persistent barriers to women’s leadership in the economic development sector, we know that equal access is key to ensuring a prosperous future if communities want to thrive. At Shuraako, we know women entrepreneurs are working everyday to overcome obstacles by taking on leadership roles in the small and medium enterprise sector throughout the Somali region.

Shuraako has facilitated financing for 27 women entrepreneurs since it began fund management services in 2013, and has guaranteed loans totaling $296,831 to date. Our Shuraako model has created more than 842 jobs, and has provided over 250 entrepreneurship development trainings for women

Women entrepreneurs are key contributors to the private sector and Shuraako is committed to providing the necessary support and ecosystems needed to empower them. Providing inclusive access to capital and business training is crucial to strengthening economic impact and job growth in local communities.   

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