SME Financing - How to Apply

For new entrepreneurs interested in securing financing, see the instructions below on how to apply. There is no deadline to apply!

Selection Stage

Pre-Assessment QuestionnaireDownload and Complete
ReviewFeedback and Selection

1. Check the Investment Criteria to determine if your business is eligible for financing.

2. If eligible, download and complete the Pre-Assessment Questionnaire. Submit the completed Pre-Assessment Questionnaire to shuraako@oneearthfuture​.org.

3. Shuraako will review the Pre-Assessment Questionnaire and may provide feedback to the entrepreneur. Shuraako will notify entrepreneurs if they have been selected to move to the Application Stage.  

Application Stage

ReviewFeedback and Selection
Credit CommitteeExternal Investor Approval

4. Download and complete the Business Plan Template and Financial Template.

5. Submit the completed forms (Business Plan and Financials) to your Shuraako representative. Only submit these templates if you have been requested to do so by a Shuraako representative.

6. Shuraako will review the Business Plan and Financials; and provide feedback necessary to move the application forward (provided that the application has merit).

Final Stage

ServicingShuraako Services Deals

7. Once accepted, Shuraako services deals.

Template Instructions:

Template downloads require either Microsoft Word and/or Microsoft Excel. All templates should be completed in English.

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