Renewable Energy

Aloog Energy

Aloog Energy (“Aloog”) is a power production and distribution company established in 2004 in Borama, Somaliland.  Aloog provides affordable and reliable power to a majority of electricity consumers in Borama through its own generation and transmission lines. It began solely on diesel power; however due to... Read More

Badhan Electricity Company

Badhan Electricity Company (BEC) is an independent power production and distribution company established in 2003 in Badhan, Puntland. The company is the sole provider of electricity to residential, commercial, and public/social services sectors via the company’s own generation capacity and transmission lines. BEC... Read More

divi/Golis Solar Company

In 2013, Shuraako helped connect US-based divi Inc. with Somaliland-based Golis Solar Company. divi designs and produces a pay-to-own system solar lamp, which they sell to African distributors. By having a credit facility built into a solar lamp (operated through Bluetooth technology and managed by a smartphone app... Read More

Golis Solar Company

Golis Energy (“Golis”), established in Hargeisa, has been providing solar power to households and commercial entities in Somaliland for over 10 years. Golis Energy is a retailer, installer, and servicer of wind and solar energy equipment in Somaliland. Golis Energy has been the choice installer of renewable... Read More

Kaafi Horn Renewable Energy Company

Kaafi Horn Renewable Energy Company (“Kaafi”) was established in 2012 to provide solar-based products and services to commercial and government clients throughout Somaliland. Kaafi provides its customers with a core “systems” business including light systems, water pump systems, ventilation systems, hospital systems... Read More

Solar Energy Consulting and Construction Company (SECCCO)

Solar Energy Consulting and Construction Company (“SECCCO”) has been operating in the alternative energy and construction industry in Puntland since January 2013. SECCCO is headquartered in Garowe and has a second location in Bosaso. The company is a solar energy installer and manufacturer of solar street lights,... Read More