22 Mixed Farm

22 Mixed Farm is situated in Jibgale, a fertile location 22 km east of Garowe, Puntland. The farm has been in operation since 1995 and provides the surrounding community with an assortment of fruits, vegetables, and dairy milk. Before it received capital investment, the farm was not able to maximize its... Read More

Adeeg Workshop

Adeeg Workshop (“Adeeg”) is a metal fabrication and repair company in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Adeeg was established in 1998 as a small-scale factory producing, servicing and repairing large metal tanks (water storage) and other metal equipment. The Company’s other products include truck/trailer bodies, modifications to... Read More

Ahmed Egeh Fishing

Ahemd Egeh began operations in 1993 when the owner bought an old fishing boat with assistance from his relatives. This small fishing enterprise was managed by professional fishermen, and employed a staff of six full time hires. The company’s boat went out of commission when a motor broke and the owner was unable to... Read More

Al Fatxi Fishing Company

Al Fatxi Fishing Company (“Al Fatxi”) began operations in 2004 in the port city of Berbera, Somaliland. The owner launched his business with a $150 of savings; and generated revenue by buying fish in Berbera and reselling them in Hargeisa. After six months of operations, the owner opened his first shop in... Read More

Al Furqaan Fishing Center

The success of Al Furqaan Fishing Center (“Al Furqaan”) over the last decade is a testament to the entrepreneurial skills of its owner who not only manages his own fleet, but also manages four external fishing boats for other owners. To reach its broad base of customers, Al Furqaan established a retail store in the... Read More

Al Ihsan Fishing Group

Al Ihsan Fishing Group (“Al Ihsan”) is a partnership fishing company that has been in operation for over 10 years in Berbera, Somaliland. Al Ihsan catches its own fish and buys fish from other fishermen. Fresh fish are sold in markets in Hargeisa and in other nearby towns. Al Ihsan sells its supply directly to fish... Read More

Al Nur Mixed Farming

Al Nur Mixed Farming (“Al Nur”), established in 2005, is located in the fertile Jibgale Valley, outside of Garowe, Puntland. The farm produces nearly 15 types of cash crops year-round and has a supplementary small-scale dairy operation. It is situated on 6.5 hectares of land; however, only 45% of the land... Read More

Alla Aamin Fishing

Alla Aamin Fishing Company (“Alla Aamin”) is owned by an entrepreneur and managed by a group of professional fishermen. The company has been in operation since 2003 and runs four small boats and a fish shop in Berbera, Somaliland. The company catches fish, fillets them, and buys fish products from local... Read More

Aloog Energy

Aloog Energy (“Aloog”) is a power production and distribution company established in 2004 in Borama, Somaliland.  Aloog provides affordable and reliable power to a majority of electricity consumers in Borama through its own generation and transmission lines. It began solely on diesel power; however due to... Read More

Badhan Electricity Company

Badhan Electricity Company (BEC) is an independent power production and distribution company established in 2003 in Badhan, Puntland. The company is the sole provider of electricity to residential, commercial, and public/social services sectors via the company’s own generation capacity and transmission lines. BEC... Read More