Sa’aadadiin Fishing Somalia

Sa’aadadiin Fishing

Sa’aadadiin Fishing “Sa’aadadiin” is a fishing company in Berbera, Somaliland that sells fish to wholesalers and retailers in Berbera, Borama and Hargeisa.  Established in 2014, the company owns and operates three boats (two 2-ton and one 6-ton), rents a storefront location for fish sales, and sells and delivers to multiple restaurant locations. As the market for fish has grown, the supply has not kept up with demand.

With funding secured with the help of Shuraako, Sa’aadadiin procured two boat engines, two refrigerators, nets, and ropes in order to increase their production and expand sales to new customers.  The addition of the boat engines has enabled the company to increase its number of trips per month as well as the amount of fish the boat can carry.

Sa’aadadiin Fishing Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2014
Project Sector: Fishing
Employees: 8