Gobsoor - Impact Investing in Farming

Gobsoor Farm

Established in 2016, Gobsoor Farm (“Gobsoor”) is a 19.5-hectare farm that grows cash crops to supply wholesale to traders in the region’s largest vegetable and fruit markets. Gobsoor has over 2,000 papaya trees and produces 15 different cash crops. The farm started cultivating 4 hectares in 2016 and currently cultivates 7.5 hectares. Gobsoor was started as a rain-fed farm, which meant water was only available during the rainy seasons. Since the lack of water was a challenge, the company’s owner used his own funds to dig a 220m borehole. Still, Gobsoor was constrained by its inability to produce crops year-round.

Through funding from the Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund, the farm has been able to procure 10 greenhouses, drip irrigation and pipes, perimiter fencing, a delivery vehicle, and a storage room. The loan is helping Gobsoor to continue expanding its produce line with the addition of crops, such as fruit trees and out of season production, by use of the greenhouses. The farm’s remaining 12 hectares are also being cultivated as part of the expansion. Gobsoor hires experienced local farmers, provides water for local communities and livestock, and uses organic techniques to grow and harvest its crops. The NHAOF investment has enabled Gobsoor to fortify these activites, bolstering the local economy and helping the community.

Gobsoor Farm Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2016
Project Sector: Agribusiness