Lessons From the Field

Shuraako knows that stakeholders and potential investors are interested in data driven answers. An emerging market, like Somalia/Somaliland, has the potential to generate a significant return on investment both socially and financially. These examples draw out the positive aspects of investment opportunities that are possible market connections.

Reasons for Optimism

This section highlights Somalia and Somaliland as they look to join the ranks of existing "African Lions".  Consider that the rate of return on investment in Africa is currently higher than on any other continent and that six of the top ten fastest growing economies in world are located there.

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Impact Investing

Financial Returns and impact Investing
How double bottom line approaches to investment outperform companies relying solely on short-term assessments of financial return.

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Energy and Oil

Fuel, oil and energy sources in Somalia is both a challenge and an opportunity
Possibly the greatest opportunity for the Somali economy, and one of the greater political challenges.

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Natural resources, like resin, are found locally and will help bolster the economy of the country.
Many Somali entrepreneurs are looking to export their way to success, yet such approaches in conflict-prone areas can offer increased risk.

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Service Delivery

Basic resources, like clean water, can be a challenge in conflict areas affecting livlihood and health
Providing food, shelter, water, and sanitation in war zones affects the prospects for economic prosperity.

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