Industry Analysis

We believe the useful information found here will be helpful in identifying how business development and rebuilding is thriving in Somalia. Providing industry analyses of business sectors is a way to showcase potential prospects and provide much needed insight about future opportunities.



Microfinance established across continentsExplore Somalia's finance lifeline industry over the past two decades — the money sent back home by Somalis living abroad.

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Supporting the development of small and medium businesses, Somali microfinance depends upon both formal and informal money channels.

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One of Africa's more surprising success stories, the very competitive Somali telecom industry offers customers some of the lowest rates in Africa.

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Mobile Money

Already revolutionizing Somali money markets the same way M-PESA did for Kenya, understanding mobile money is essential for understanding Somali industry and business.

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At times one of the main economic activities among Somali coastal communities, fishing looks to boom as Somali waters return to being piracy free.

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Somalia's most important sector. Employing over 70% of Somalis with jobs.

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