Helping Somalia and Somaliland

Case Studies on NGOs and Government Donors  working in Somalia/Somaliland

There are various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government donors implementing a wide selection of projects in Somalia/Somaliland.  Many of these are geared toward economic growth and job creation among the youth and women. These initiatives are having a positive effect on the Somali economy as well as the livelihoods of those targeted.  

Sustainable Employment and Economic Development (SEED)

The Department for International Development (DfID) SEED program seeks to improve stability in Somalia/Somaliland through economic growth and sustainable employment.

European Commission (EC) Somalia Special Support Programme

There are multiple projects that the EC is financing in Somalia/Somaliland. Economic development projects center on agriculture, livestock, private sector development, and economic infrastructure.

Sustainable Employment Creation and Improved Livelihoods for Vulnerable Urban Communities in Mogadishu (SECIL) Project

The European Commission and UN Habitat's SECIL program emphasizes poverty reduction through the creation of sustainable enterprise and employment.

Vocational Education and Training for the Accelerated Promotion of Employment (VETAPE)

The European Commission (EC) and Save the Children Denmark's VETAPE program targets the immediate causes of unemployment among youth and women, including: loss of traditional livelihoods, constraints on job creation, limited availability of people with employable skills and basic education, and an ineffective labor market.

Social Safety Nets Project

The European Commission (EC) and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) social safety nets project develops cost effective means by which poverty can be reduced, through cash transfers and skills training.

Partnership for Economic Growth

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) supports economic growth and livelihoods in Somalia  through its Partnership for Economic Growth. 

Somaliland Private Sector Re-engagement Program Phase II (SomPrep II) Multi-Donor Trust Fund

The World Bank's SomPrep II program seeks to support the investment climate, fisheries, gums and resins value chains, solid waste management, and the financial sector in Somaliland.

FAO Strategy in Somalia 2011-2015

The FAO Strategy in Somalia 2011-2015 is focused on tackling poverty. The Strategy is based on a holistic, cooperative approach that calls for the involvement of a variety of actors, and partnerships with the private sector and locally based institutions.

Tsunami Livelihood Recovery Project (TLRP)

This FAO and the World Bank  program remedies the negative effects of the tsunami experienced by the fishing community in Puntland.

Somaliland Development Fund (SDF)

The SDF is a collaborative approach to financing and managing efforts, with regard to the development needs of Somaliland.

Somaliland Meat Development Association (SOMDA)

The Somaliland Meat Development Association plays a significant role  in the development of meat and other livestock by-products and marketing. This initiative trains women and youth in making bone handcrafts and soap. 

Somalia and Somaliland Peacebuilding and NGO Websites


This "job seeker" NGO conducts trainings programs that prepare and link ‘Shaqodoon’ with the local business community and potential employers.  It also works to inculcate an entrepreneurial cultureencourage among Somali youth.  Shaqodoon does this with a particular emphasis on education and conflict resolutions using a variety of effective methodologies.

Somalia NGO Consortium

The Somalia NGO Consortium promotes information sharing, cooperation and joint advocacy initiatives amongst local and international NGOs working in Somalia and Somaliland.  This voluntary association helps to coordinate develop and humanitarian work. 

Somaliland Business Fund

The Somaliland Business Fund (SBF) aims to mobilize the creative energy and resources of the private sector to strengthen private enterprises, increase incomes and create new sustainable employment opportunities and thereby improve the lives of Somalilanders.

Peace Direct's Insight on Conflict Somalia NGO Directory

Listing peacebuilding and conflict resolution organisations active in Somalia.

Diaspora Peacebuilding and NGO Websites

I Am a Star

This youth-oriented, online and on-the-ground campaign focuses on unifying the Somali Diaspora, aid workers in Mogadishu, and people around the world towards providing relief in Somalia.  Providing real impact through lifesaving support and reframing the image of Somalia, this campaign intends to help Somalia recover and rebuild. 

Somalia Peace Line is the website for Somalia Peace Line, a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 1995.  Dedidcated to peacebuilding in Somalia, SPL focuses on protection of human rights in collaboration with key stakeholders.



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