Shuraako Funds and Projects

Shuraako connects Somali entrepreneurs to opportunities that grow and expand their businesses. Through the management of funds that provide financing, the development of targeted business training initiatives, and the delivery of thematic and impactful forums and conferences, Shuraako’s work brings entrepreneurs and investors together.

Norfund Aid for Somalia

Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund

The $24.0 million Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund (“Nordic Fund”), is an impact fund targeting Somali small and medium sized enterprises (“SMEs”).

Arsenault Family Foundation

The Arsenault Family Foundation (AFF) funded the first investment pool that Shuraako has managed.

Women’s Economic Empowerment Program

The Women’s Economic Empowerment Program

Implementing a series of support activities to strengthen the growth of women-owned businesses in the Somali private sector.

Work In Progress!

Capacity support program for Somaliland-based businesses.

Small Medium Enterprise Fund for Somalia

SME Financing

Financing for Somali-based small and medium enterprises.

agrifood fund somalia

Somali Agrifood Fund

This fund has closed. Learn about its impact.

Somaliland youth enterprise funding

Somaliland Youth Enterprise Fund

Financing for youth-owned businesses in Somaliland.

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