Editorial Guidelines

In addition to regular comments and feedback, Shuraako welcomes industry and business focused analyses and case studies submissions from individuals and external organizations. 

General Editorial Content Guidelines

Content should be of interest to our audience or have a focus on business initiatives, job creation and investment opportunities, and have a specific message. Multiple messages should be pitched separately.

How to submit a manuscript
  • Before submitting a manuscript, please ensure you carefully read and adhere to all the guidelines and instructions to authors provided below. Manuscripts not conforming to these guidelines may be returned.
  • Only soft copies of the manuscripts should be submitted by email to the Shurrako editor at info@shuraako.org.
  • Before publication, Shuraako requires the author, as the rights holder, to agree to a Contributor’s Publishing Agreement is an exclusive agreement which means that the author retains copyright in the work but grants Shuraako the right to publish within the copyright of www.shuraako.org. Exceptions may exist where an assignment of copyright is required or preferred by another source other than Shuraako. In this case, copyright in the work will be assigned from the author to the organization, One Earth Future Foundation to the term it is displayed on the website, www.shuraako.org.
Submissions may provide:
  • A synthesis about an area of business or job development in non-western societies or some related area of interest to the Program Manager.
  • Brief overviews that address important new areas of general interest.
  • Critiques should be focused and provocative reviews that are followed by a number of invited commentaries, with concluding reply from the main author

Additional Guidelines

Suggestions or story ideas should be timely and relevant.

  • Articles and information should be useful to our audience. (Example: infographics with data explanations enhance content.)
  • Writing should be easy to scan, understand, and be user friendly with relevant link suggestions.
  • Content information should be presented in an original manner.
  • Content should be able to display as a page or attachment. If you’re separating a long article into multiple pages, consider that a user may enter on page three. Make it easy for the user to navigate through the information, and make it obvious that there are preceding pages.
  • Consider include a value-added element or additional content. This might be a graphic, a video, a set of links, or relevant sources.
  • If possible, provide a call to action that addresses the mission of One Earth Future Foundation and the Shuraako program.

Required elements

  • Date of the article should be noted.
  • Author credit with link to author’s contact page or blog.
  • Use of headings and subheadings will make the content easier to scan.
  • Provide pull quote suggestions for longer articles.
  • Clearly state the thesis question or concern to your audience.
  • Please provide web ready photos, graphics or tables for upload to the Shuraako website.
  • A title, keywords and abstract are key to ensuring readers find your article online through online search engines.
  • Provide full contact details as the author including email, mailing address and telephone numbers.
  • Consider the One Earth Future and Shuraako brands when submitting articles or reports suitable for publication.
  • Content should be practical, seriously delivered, and well-developed.
  • Please consider that acronyms may or may not be recognizable to the audience.
  • Provide useful terms that the audience will understand as part of a community interested in sustainable solutions for Somalia/Somaliland.

People will read online but they prefer to skim. We encourage our writers to take the time necessary to write something clearly and concisely (in this case, less is more).

A business audience, for example, expects content to be direct and to the point. Business articles should be approximately 1000 words (excluding photos, tables, charts or infographics.)


Short Research Reports and Viewpoint Articles should be approximately 6000 words (excluding abstracts).