Ciddaan Nahay

Shuraako is a program of One Earth Future (OEF), operating throughout Somalia. Shuraako, which means “partnership” in Somali, produces economically beneficial relationships that connect micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) to capital to catalyze job creation. This in turn contributes to a more resilient and peaceful Somalia. Shuraako seeks to foster a thriving business sector in Somalia to encourage economic development. One Earth Future is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization based in Colorado, USA. OEF, founded in 2007, is an operating foundation with a vision of developing effective, multi-stakeholder systems of governance to achieve a world beyond war – hence its tagline, "Peace through Governance".


Statement of Purpose


Shuraako believes in the ideal of achieving peace through governance. A responsible private sector creates sustainable business development bringing with it greater civic participation. This creates a reciprocal relationship that feeds a virtuous cycle and ultimately increases prosperity and stability. Through our non-profit initiative, Shuraako catalyzes connections between enterprises and capital that fosters growth leading to peace. Micro, small, and medium size enterprises (MSMEs) are the predominant employer in fragile states, and their greatest obstacle to growth is the lack of the right capital at the right time. While growth opportunities exist in fragile states, they often go ignored due to perceived risks and weak institutions. By identifying and profiling MSMEs, Shuraako unveils unique opportunities for capital to make an impact by growing businesses and creating jobs.



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