Business Case Studies

Reflected by real-life situations, Shuraako has analyzed business areas and industries in Somalia/Somaliland to facilitate a better understanding about the business landscape there. By exploring these topics, our hope is to develop a new understanding about operations that are successful in the region for interested stakeholders.


How one Somali family arguably started Somalia's most successful company, Dahabshil, and another businessman seeks to bring a different banking model to Mogadishu. 
Photo: Constantine James Photography
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Coca-Cola in Somaliland

The story of Somaliland's largest private investment involving one of the world's largest brands.
Photo: Evelyn Hockstein/The New York Times/Redux

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Artisanal Industries

Working across a range of industries in Somalia and Somaliland, women continue playing crucial roles in everything from keeping and trading livestock to creating jewelry and soap for export.

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